What SEO can do for your business

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SEO might sound good as far as specific metrics it can improve. However, what are the larger and more long term implications for your business?

Keyword rankings build brand trust with your customers

Like we said before, your brand showing up for more keyword rankings improves brand trust. For some industries and niches, consider the length of the sales cycle you might have. It might be normal for users in your niche to research products and services for a long time before buying.

In cases like that, you want users to keep seeing your brand throughout that research cycle. That way you’re top-of-mind when they finally decide to buy. You can only achieve this by:

  • Having more pages of content on your site
  • Covering more topics your users are searching for

SEO can increase visibility with new customers

You might already have a good customer base and be looking to find new customers. In cases like this, it’s important to expand the content on your site. You want to create more content around topics your users are looking for.

Think about topics dealing with needs, wants, pain points, and product or service options. The idea is, the customer should find as many of the solutions they need available on your website. This builds trust and loyalty.

Good SEO creates a better user experience

No one has time for poorly organized content that’s overly verbose, and that doesn’t use words users expect. By implementing SEO thoughtfully, you are giving users great value from your content.

Some may enjoy reading your content in depth. Others may want to briefly scan a page and pick out only the sections they care to read about. This is painful to do when you have a poorly organize wall-of-text!

SEO is less expensive in the long run

Once you’ve built a piece of content, it takes much less effort to maintain it over time. You might occasionally make updates as times change and new data, products, or services come around.

Once you’ve completed an initial content investment, the traffic and revenue will be ongoing. Contrast this with SEM like Google Ads, for example. Once you stop a campaign, the traffic and revenue disappears.

With organic traffic, rarely will you ever experience that sort of immediately negative effect. You may see organic performance decline over time if you let content go untouched for a long time, like years. You’ll generally have ranking indicators to help identify this early, however.