Privacy Policy

This privacy policy describes the data we collect, your rights, the ways it might affect you, and how to reach out to us if you want.

Protecting Your Privacy

We appreciate the data you’ve shared with us. commits to protecting your privacy. Tryndraze works to keep your data confidential. We won’t trade, sell, or otherwise redistribute your data to external parties.

Data We Collect

When you visit, we might collect some of your info for purposes of analytics. We collect this data to gain a better understanding of how you use this website, to aid us in improving our design, and to attract advertisers. uses platforms like Google Search Console and Google Analytics. These tools help us learn about your traffic on our website as well as to improve the services that we offer you as well as our content.

Content Embedded from External Websites

This website might use content embedded (e.g. articles, images, videos, etc.) from external websites. This external content can act similar to visiting these other website(s). We aren’t responsible for content or privacy practices on these external sites.


Tryndraze participates in the Google AdSense program. When you visit, Google and other third party ad networks might use cookies in order to serve you personalized ads.

You are free to:

Data We Store

Length of Time We Keep Your Data

Tryndraze stores messages and comments, you send to us, forever or until you send us a removal request.

Email Marketing

When you sign up with our mailing list, an email address and name are collected. After you sign up, this data is securely encrypted solely and remains with At any time, you are free to change your subscription settings.

When We May Release Information

We might share some information with our partners and advertisers. We don’t include information with personal data that will identify you.

You may contact us whenever you’d like to:

  • Find out what information we may have about you.
  • Request we remove any data we have about you.
  • Share concerns you have about how we use your data.

Please be aware, this doesn’t include information we are obligated to retain for administrative, legal or security reasons.

Use of Website by Minors

This site is intended for use by adults of legal age. Despite this, we make significant effort not to include any explicit content or imagery on this website. This site may be useful and appropriate for viewing by junior high and high school-aged teenagers who are interested in learning relevant job skills.

International Users is intended for use by adults of legal age within the United States and its territories. Other users located outside of the USA and its territories are free to use this site. All of our content, recommendations, and services are solely oriented towards the domestic US market. As such, we make no warranties for this content when used by users outside of the US market.

Contact Us

Have questions about our privacy policy or how we use your information? Feel free to email us.